Resources for Educators in the Jiv Daya Foundation/DISD Project


This website is dedicated to helping you make really good use of your Amazon Kindle Fire tablets and your Lenovo Series 3 tablets. We will be posting curriculum – lessons that you can use in your classroom with your students. The lessons can be used “as is” – but more likely, you will want to tweak them to make them more tuned to the needs of your classroom. And, we hope, you will post lessons that your colleagues can use in their classrooms!
On these pages you will find information relevant to using the Collabrify tools in your lessons that use the Amazon Fire Tablets.
We will be posting:
For manuals and videos (coming soon!) go to: and mouse-over the “i” in the upper right corner of the app you are interested in. Then move your mouse and click on “More info” – and sure enough, more info is provided! We suggest you click on “Getting Started” and review that document; that document contains the info you need to get started.
We are here to help! If you have a question, fill out the form below. We will respond as quickly as humanly possible; we receive an email when a support request is posted.
No question is too small – or too big – to ask. So please, please: ask and you will hear from us!
Thank you for exploring the IMLC curriculum and technology. Our hope is that these resources make your life just a bit easier while helping you make the most of your 1-to-1 tablet classroom!
Cathie, Josh, Elliot
Posted Sunday, August 20th, 2017

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