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1-to-1 Classroom

Collabrify Roadmap System

Watch the video below to see how a 1-to-1 classroom really functions.

Collaborative Learning

Collabrify Productivity Tool Suite

Watch the video below to learn how to use Collabrify Flipbook to easily and quickly create drawings and animations - collaboratively!

We gratefully acknowledge

Lucas Education Research for its support of the

Multiple Literacies in Project Based Learning Project.

PI: Dr. J. Krajcik, Michigan State University, MSU CREATE for STEM,

Co-PI's: Dr. Annemarie Palincsar, University of Michigan,

and Emily Miller, Independent Consultant

As well, we wish to acknowledge the support of the

National Science Foundation (#1123965, #1249312)

Collaborative Learning

  • Collabrify Suite of Educational Productivity Apps.
  • Two or more students, each on their own computing device, in real-time, co-constructing text documents, drawings & animations, KWL charts, spreadsheets.
  • Designed expressly for grades 1-6.
  • Use in face-to-face classrooms (students co-located).
  • Use in virtual classrooms (students not co-located), too!
  • Device-agnostic/browser-based, so perfect for BYOD!
  • Supports synchronous and asynchronous collaboration.
  • Use the new eHallway chatrooms to hold conversations.
  • Free!
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1-to-1 Classroom

  • Collabrify Roadmap System: LessonBuilder, ClassroomManager, LessonLauncher, eHallway, RoadmapRepository.
  • The CoRS supports the full life-cycle of a digital lesson:
    • Create/Tweak/Differentiate a digital lesson using OER (Open Education Resources) (LessonBuilder)
    • Distribute the lesson (Dashboard)
    • Enact the lesson:
      • Teacher: Monitor enactmant (Dashboard)
      • Student: Enact the lesson (LessonLauncher)
    • Assess, post-enactment, student work (Dashboard)
  • BYOD/Google/Microsoft Schools: CoRS is device-agnostic, browser-based
  • Share Roadmap lessons with other teachers.
  • Device-agnostic/browser-based, so perfect for BYOD!
  • Use Learning analytics in the Dashboard.
  • Use the new eHallway chatrooms to hold conversations: teacher-teacher, teacher-students
  • Free!
  • Check out our Terms of Service & Privacy policies