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As a statement of our privacy policy, here are our responses to questions put to us by a U.S. school district. The school district found our responses satisfactory and permitted their teachers and students to use the Collabrify software.

Elliot Soloway

Co-Director, Intergalactic Mobile Learning Center

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Teachers!! Teachers who have been using the collabrified apps contributed to this article. The article will give you some good ideas on how to use the collabrified apps in YOUR classroom!

Cathie Norris, Elliot Soloway, Jennifer Auten, Ronda Duran, Kimberly Lee, Sr. Rebecca Mierendorf, Cheryl Zuzo

Mobile technology in 2020

Predictions and implications for K-12, Educational Technology, 54(1), 12-19.

Norris, C., & Soloway, E. (2015).

Twelve Factors Leading to Fundamental Pedagogical Change in a Primary School

A Case Study, Educational Technology, 56(2), 25-29

Norris, C., & Soloway, E. (2016).

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