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About Us

Intergalactic Mobile Learning Center

What we do

Mobile technologies are ramping up, worldwide, faster than any other technology in human record. There are 1.6 billion TV sets and 5.2 billion mobile phones! While K-12 education missed the desktop computer revolution, the Internet revolution, and the laptop computer revolution, it is not going to miss the mobile technologies revolution!!! We predict that by 2017 every child in every classroom in every school in the U.S. will be using a mobile learning device (aka smartphone, mobile tablet) 24/7 for curricular purposes. You can take that prediction to the bank!

To support the transformation of K-12, we have formed the Intergalactic Mobile Learning Center! The IMLC provides:

  • teachers with curriculum - curriculum that has been expressly designed to leverage the unique opportunities afforded by our software, Collabrify Mobile Platform
  • students with educational software – the Collabrify Mobile Platform provides a range of collabrified productivity tools and a backend for file saving, teacher grading, etc.
  • administrators, parents, and politicians with empirical evidence that learn-by-doing, supported by mobile technologies, leads to increased student achievement!!
We welcome partnerships with school districts, companies, foundations, universities, and individuals. Explore the links, and then, join us in COLLABRIFYING K-12!

Thank you,

Cathie Norris, Regents Professor, University of North Texas

Elliot Soloway, Arthur F. Thurnau Professor, University of Michigan

The Collabrify Suite of Apps

Enabling Synchronous Collaboration to Support Social Learning!

The Collabrify apps support learners, co-located or not, each on her or his own device – any computing device – working together, in real-time, co-creating or co-editing a document – while talking full-tilt!

FIRST TIMERS to the Collabrify Apps: Please read a short tutorial here.

We gratefully acknowledge that the development of the Collabrify Suite of Apps has been supported by the Lucas Educational Foundation.

Alpha Versions


Read what people are saying about us

“The tablets help us, as a class, we learn to work together, better and help each other learn.”

- 7th grade girl St. Francis

“When I use my tablet it makes learning more fun. It has helped me focus on what I've learned and remember it better.”

- 7th grade boy St. Francis

“It has been easier to see my classmates' opinions and learn from them.”

- 8th grade girl St. Francis

Getting Started

Collabrify your classroom!


Read about us!

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Norris, C., Soloway, E. (2015) Two Thumbs Up: A Roadmap for Educational Technology Developers, Book Review, Ed Tech Developer’s Guide: A Primer for Software Developers, Startups, and Entrepreneurs, Office of Educational Technology, appears in Educational Technology, July-August, pp 55-56

Norris, C., Soloway, E. (2015) Mobile Technology in 2020: Predictions and Implications for K–12 Education, appears in Educational Technology, Jan-Feb, pp 12-18


Contact us for app support, bug reporting, or more info!

University of Michigan, North Campus, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA